INLANE KIOSK: high technology payment system.

InLane Kiosk … is a new way to conceive the store. With its elegant design, it is easy to integrate and represents the most complete and innovative solution of the InLane line. lt captures the customer’s attention and offers an improved technological experience at the store. The client can make a pre-order and the payment by cash or credit card, enabling a better cash flow management and preventing the staff to touch cash. Thanks to its 27-inch touch screen, the CIMA kiosk is user-friendly and intuitive. Kiosk features 3 RSM with a 100 notes capacity each, 8 hoppers tor coins and an overflow cassette up to 350 notes. In the lower part of the device, equipped with a safe, two cash storage bags are placed; the first one has a capacity of 1,500 notes, the second one contains up to 18 kgs of coins. Both bags can ben collected by the CIT. Thanks to the high sto rage capacity, Kiosk adapts to any market needs, from small to medium and larger stores.



• Automated cash handling
• Elimination of the risk of errors or shortages
• Increased productivity of the staff due to time recovery
• Increased customer satisfaction
• Maximum hygiene: the staff does not touch the cash
• Small footprint, easy-to- integrate with the store design
• High-level recognition validator
• User-friendly
• High deposit capacity thanks to the two storage bags
• Connection with CIT companies
• Easy to integrate with every cash management system
• Controlled remotely
• Payment via credit card or Apple/Samsung/Google Pay

• Tota I capacity 3 RSM x 100 notes each, 350 notes capacity in the cassette and 1,500 in the canvas bag
• Acceptance speed: 2 notes/sec
• Withdrawal speed: 3 notes/sec
• Inlet capacity: 15 notes in bundle
• Outlet capacity: 10 notes in bundle
• Total number of RSMs: 3
• RSM configurations are configurable
• Multi-currency supported

•Total capacity: 3310 coins (EUR) and 18 Kgs in the canvas bag
• Input speed: 10 coins/sec
• Output speed: 6 coins/sec
• Hopper: up to 8
• Standard coin configuration:
730×0,01 €; 650×0,02€; 420×0,05€; 500×0, 10€; 320×0,20€; 220×0,50€; 270×1€; 200×2€
• Hoppers configuration can’t be changed
• Other currencies available (the capacity may vary)

• “Follow me” LED sign
• Shutter on the in/outlets
• Notes withdrawal and coin withdrawal through separate slots
• Coin module able to detect foreign items
• Able to detect foreign items
• Manageable through C-link software platform

• Voltage: 100V-240V AC
• Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

• 1 ethernet access

• 27-inch screen
• POS of the customer’s choice
• 80-mm thermal printer
• QR and bar code reader


InLane is a CIMA solution tor front-end automated cash desk. This modular line has a compact and elegant design, and consists of InLane 300 DepoInLane 300InLane Kiosk.


BV1000 is a bill validator with authenticity detection. It was born in 2017 and is fruit of CIMA R&D team. It complies with the regulations of the main National Banks (Euro currency included) and the templates for many non-European currencies are available. The BV1000 is a full-image sensor, that combines the most advanced technologies on the market: magnetic, infrared, ultraviolet, visible light.