Coin deposit system

High performance coins deposit unit.
Optimal solution far any size of shops, gambling halls, chemist’s, tobacconist’s, cinemas, public transport companies, gas stations…
CDS801 matches an ease of use with an absolutely attractive market price.


up to 500 coins

up to 900 coins/min

One plastic bag, with capacity up to 15 kg/33 lb;
Two plastic bags, with capacity up to 15 kg/33 lb each; One canvas bag up to 18 kg/39,7 lb;
Two canvas bags up to 18 kg/39,7 lb each;
Coin trolley up to 30.000 pcs:
130 kg/287 lb depending on the coin typology.

  • – Mixed coins
  • – Front access

5 mm

  • – Pre-arranged to fit a Pc touch screen and a printer.
  • – Well designed software.
  • – CAOS and C-link platforms.
  • – XFS available.
  • – For a complete cash automation, CD5801 can be combined with the notes deposit unit SDM500.

W. 420mm x D. 685mm x H. 1045mm
w. 16,5″ x D. 27″ x H. 41,1″

SDM500 and CDS801

Notes and coins deposit solution
Top of the range for the deposit of banknotes and coins. Characteristics of this solution are the high capacity (the use of canvas bags allows a capacity up to 10.000 banknotes and 130 kg of coins with the coin trolley), the compactness and the high performances. The possibility to choose among different kinds of storage makes the solution more versatile, as it meets the most diverse needs both of the customers and of the CIT. It reduces the CIT deliveries and pick-ups. It ensures a high anti-counterfeiting security thanks to sensor BV5000.