For over 55 years we take care of securing and handling the money of our customers.

CIMA was born in 1955.

All over these years we have designed and realized systems to make the handling of money easier and more secure:
earlier in the bank with the anti-robbery booths we had just protected it; then with the cash handling devices we have grown, we have specialized to be able to recognize it, count it, process it, secure it and follow it in its route.

Our headquarters is in Mirandola (MO) Italy and from here we got all over the world.

Our goal for the future is to keep on growing stronger and enhance our offer of products-services aiming at an always higher level, thanks to a continuous and constant investment in R&D and thanks to the participation, the expertise and the passion of all CIMA people.


We think, design and realize solutions which speak Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Turkish, Swedish, Finnish,…