CIMA at the PRO Memoria Festival 2020

16 October 2020

Despite the difficulties due to the Covid emergency, also for 2020 CIMA has confirmed its support as a Platinum sponsor to the MEMORIA FESTIVAL event. After the digital edition last June, the event is back with a physical edition from the 16th to the 18th October.
The subject of this edition is “CHANGE LIFE”.

Well-pondered or sudden, an opportunity to seize quickly or the only choice to adapt to, that of CHANGE LIFE has been one of the more unexpected consequences of the pandemic that has upset and is upsetting 2020, so incisive for all of us that deserves being studied in depth and analysed. After last year event, dedicated to the Identity, it was natural for Pro-Memoria Festival – promoted and organized by the Consorzio del Festival della Memoria in cooperation with Giulio Einaudi publisher – to continue in this direction choosing CHANGE LIFE as the subject of the autumn edition, widening the discussion in the light of the astonishing everyday life which we are all involuntary protagonists of: to forget for some, a chance to find themselves or evolve for others, in any case crucial for everybody.

In the setting of the Rita Levi Montalcini Auditorium, the meetings will allow to range from science to music, cinema and literature, in an imaginary trip around our new contemporaneity that from the analysis of the present recovers and goes over the collective memory of our past again.