CIMA at the Memoria Festival 2021

10 September 2021

Also this year, as it’s been since the first edition of this event, Cima is Platinum sponsor of the Memoria Festival that will be held in Mirandola from the 1st to the 3rd October 2021. The theme of this edition will be “the uncatchable” and protagonists of the national and international cultural landscape will be engaged in dialogues, readings, monologues and performances in different places of Mirandola, with a multidisciplinary approach that covers poetry and theatre, science and literature, philosophy and religion, art and history, music and cinema, environment and mythology. Uncatchable, impregnable like the fortress of the town of Mirandola during the siege of Pope Julius III, but certainly also impegnable like our cash handling devices.
Our Managing Director says: “it will be a pleasure also this year, in fact particularly this year after the darkness of Covid, to sponsor an event that will see many people in the square, that will bring sociality and sharing of many captivating subjects”.