Telephone lines and e-mails

Telephone lines and e-mails

21 January 2020

We regret to inform you that, because of some technical issues,  phone lines and e-mails aren’t working at the moment.

We hope the lines will be reactivated as soon as possible.

Thank you.

EuroShop 2020, February 20th

EuroShop 2020 closes the doors! See you next year. Thanks to our visitors!!!

EuroShop 2020, February 19th

EuroShop 2020, February 19th

19 February 2020

EuroShop 2020, February 18th

EuroShop 2020, February 18th

18 February 2020

EuroShop 2020, February 16th

EuroShop 2020, February 16th

16 February 2020

InLane StoreRevolution!

The launch has been completed, welcome to the #StoreoftheFuture.

16 February 2020

Cima is presenting the new InLane technology, the newest device in our family for the front end.

Swing by and visit us at Booth A46 Hall 6

Cima is ready! EuroShop 2020 is coming

Cima is ready EuroShop 2020 is coming

15 February 2020

Be prepared we’re waiting you at booth A46 Hall 6. We are ready to show you the new StoreRevolution.

Swing by and visit us.

EuroShop 2020 is coming

EuroShop 2020 is coming

23 January 2020

EUROSHOP 2020 DUSSELDORF February 16th – 20th

Get ready for the StoreRevolution

Feeling strong about our consolidated experience in the back office environment, CIMA will showcase a new front office product line, named InLane.
It’s a new recycling product range that includes fully integrated table-top and kiosk solutions, fit for self-service ordering and self-paying.
You’ll find the InLane solutions at our booth at the EuroShop exhibition (Hall 6 – booth A46), along with a wide deposit and recycling solution portfolio, both for banknotes and coins.
CIMA focus on fulfilling the multiple retail and banking requirements (from the small format store to the large-scale distribution).
At our booth you’ll find small and larger size devices, designed and developed for reducing the cash handling costs, improving the time and processes…
Find out how you can optimize the front-office management with CIMA’s help!!


If you need a ticket, drop an email to

NRF 2020 - Retail's Big Show

NRF 2020 – Retail’s Big Show

13 January 2020

First event of the year!

We’re at the Big Show, where we’re showing our new front-office line, the InLane, together with CIMA Cash Handling America staff.

Greetings from NRF.