CIMA at the Memoria Festival 2021

CIMA at the Memoria Festival 2021

10 September 2021

Also this year, as it’s been since the first edition of this event, Cima is Platinum sponsor of the Memoria Festival that will be held in Mirandola from the 1st to the 3rd October 2021. The theme of this edition will be “the uncatchable” and protagonists of the national and international cultural landscape will be engaged in dialogues, readings, monologues and performances in different places of Mirandola, with a multidisciplinary approach that covers poetry and theatre, science and literature, philosophy and religion, art and history, music and cinema, environment and mythology. Uncatchable, impregnable like the fortress of the town of Mirandola during the siege of Pope Julius III, but certainly also impegnable like our cash handling devices.
Our Managing Director says: “it will be a pleasure also this year, in fact particularly this year after the darkness of Covid, to sponsor an event that will see many people in the square, that will bring sociality and sharing of many captivating subjects”.


First day of the exhibition

First day of the exhibition

09 September 2021

Some pictures of the stand and the InLane solutions.



26 August 2021

CIMA S.p.A. is exhibiting at Cosmofarma in Bologna in stand A64, hall 30, where it’s showing the more recent products for front office (InLane range) and back office (SDM50 and SDM100). These devices, result of CIMA research in the field of cash handling, have several application areas, including pharmacies, and allow to handle the money in the shop in a complete, quick and secure way, from the moment of receipt from the customer, to the crediting on the bank account, to the CIT.

We are waiting for you!


CIMA at SIGEP EXP 2021 Full Digital Exposition

3 March 2021


This year for the first time CIMA will show its products at SIGEP EXP, the full digital edition of the Sweet Foodservice event that used to take place in Rimini.
Despite the period and the restrictions, we believe it’s a great opportunity to show the market our front and back office products…
CIMA with its team will be available on the digital platform from the 15th March to the 17th March, ready to illustrate models SDM100, SDM500 and to premiere the front office range InLane, perfect for all shops like tobacconist’s, ice-cream shops, bakeries, coffee bars and restaurants.
It will be the chance also for the market launch of the SDM50, very small deposit device.
We’re waiting for you on SIGEP EXP platform from the 8th March to start visiting all the pages and on the 15th, 16th and 17th, when we’ll be on-line.


CIMA Case History

CIMA: Improving Cash Management. Case History

4 November 2020

CIMA’s goal has always been that to design, develop and produce cash handling devices to help customers improve efficiency, precision and speed of the cash cycle.For several years, in partnership with ABS Technology, we’ve been successful supplier of CONAD.

The devices installed by the customer are our SDM500H cash-in solutions, with a self-sealing bag containing 3000 banknotes, thanks to which we ensure the security of cash until it’s picked up by the CIT.

We are attaching an interview released by Mr Petri, security manager of Conad Nord Ovest.


“Pistoia, 2nd November 2020 – The correct management of the takings in a big retail chain is a key factor for the business operators. Marco Petri, security manager of Conad Nord Ovest, explains how in the last four years the employment of the solutions proposed by ABS Technology has improved the situation starting from the use of BSafe, the system integrating indoor cash-in machines directly connected to the company accounts.

How was cash managed in Conad before moving to the smart safes?

Before moving to the cash-in, most of the cash takings in our stores were entrusted to the CIT for the following counting by the different banks. To understand how delicate was an operation of this kind, just consider that 60% of the takings was deposited in the bank by means of the CIT.

Were there any particularly critical issues?

Of course. And the main critical issues were linked to security and the actual availability of cash. The safes positioned facing the street were exposed to attacks by criminals, but also without these problems, the delays in counting and crediting the takings were a daily occurrence.

 When did you decide to adopt these devices? And what choice did you do?

While knowing it for a long time, we decided to move to the management of the cash-in in 2016, when the devices on the market reached performances and reliability in line with our expectations.

 What was your experience of cooperation with ABS Technology?

We got to know ABS Technology as a service chosen by MPS for the cash-in service. We shared together a pilot project to evaluate two types of machines, to choose then the one that it’s been used since then in Conad stores in our territory.

 What are the benefits of Bsafe in your stores?

The benefits of using the cash-in in every store are at least four:  increased security, considering that the safe is located indoor and not facing the street; certification of the deposit, removing any kind of administrative review; availability of cash the banking day after the deposit; reduction of the time for cash management and deposit.

 How many smart safes have you got today?

Today we have more than 160 machines, with an already defined installation program that will bring us to have 180 units within next December”.


CIMA at the PRO Memoria Festival 2020

CIMA at the PRO Memoria Festival 2020

16 October 2020

Despite the difficulties due to the Covid emergency, also for 2020 CIMA has confirmed its support as a Platinum sponsor to the MEMORIA FESTIVAL event. After the digital edition last June, the event is back with a physical edition from the 16th to the 18th October.
The subject of this edition is “CHANGE LIFE”.

Well-pondered or sudden, an opportunity to seize quickly or the only choice to adapt to, that of CHANGE LIFE has been one of the more unexpected consequences of the pandemic that has upset and is upsetting 2020, so incisive for all of us that deserves being studied in depth and analysed. After last year event, dedicated to the Identity, it was natural for Pro-Memoria Festival – promoted and organized by the Consorzio del Festival della Memoria in cooperation with Giulio Einaudi publisher – to continue in this direction choosing CHANGE LIFE as the subject of the autumn edition, widening the discussion in the light of the astonishing everyday life which we are all involuntary protagonists of: to forget for some, a chance to find themselves or evolve for others, in any case crucial for everybody.

In the setting of the Rita Levi Montalcini Auditorium, the meetings will allow to range from science to music, cinema and literature, in an imaginary trip around our new contemporaneity that from the analysis of the present recovers and goes over the collective memory of our past again.


Coronavirus emergency

Coronavirus emergency

09 March 2020

CIMA spa has adopted the appropriate measures to safeguard the health of employees, collaborators, suppliers and customers.

Our factory is open regularly and fully operational: our employees are informed and respectful of the rules issued by the Regions and by the Ministry of Health, as well as of the basic rules of hygiene necessary to prevent the spreading of the contagion.

We confirm also that goods can circulate freely therefore we can guarantee the regular order processing.

The lines have been reactivated

The lines have been reactivated

21 February 2020

Finally, the lines have been reactivated and our server is working.

If you wrote us some e-mails yesterday or this morning, please resend them because unfortunately they got lost.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Telephone lines and e-mails

Telephone lines and e-mails

21 January 2020

We regret to inform you that, because of some technical issues,  phone lines and e-mails aren’t working at the moment.

We hope the lines will be reactivated as soon as possible.

Thank you.

EuroShop 2020, February 20th

EuroShop 2020 closes the doors! See you next year. Thanks to our visitors!!!