SDM504 and CDS803

Deposit and recycling solution
High capacity recycling

SDM504 and CDS803 banknote/coin recycling combination
High capacity and high performance coin and note recycling and deposit solution. It’s the optimal solution for the big retailers and for all the users who need to handle high volumes of cash, enabling the optimization of all the cash processes. In combination with the CDS803 a lift for drawers has been developed to improve the comfort of the user and reduce the risk of accidents.


The automatic lifting of the drawers prevents musculoskeletal disorders
and reduces the risk of accidents.

AST7008 and CDS803

Deposit and recycling solution
Highest capacity recycling

AST7008 and CDS 803 banknote/coin recycling combination. It’s the note/coin recycling solution with the highest capacity (8 drums with 700 banknotes each and 18.000 coins in recycling); it’s therefore suitable for big retailers, mega stores, amusement parks and the sites where cash is handled in high volumes. The perfect tool for the preparation of the cashiers daily float and for the deposits at the end of the day. It ensures security, speed and a valuable reduction of the cash management costs.

SDM100 and CDS508

Small deposit solution

High performances in a pair with the minimum size which has no equivalents on the market of the smart safes for capacity and competitiveness.Perfect to meet the needs of small and medium size shops, chemist’s, tobacconist’s, gas stations back offices…
Given the small size it can even fit small rooms. The absolutely competitive price allows a return of investment in a very short time.

SDM500 and CDS801

Notes and coins deposit solution

Top of the range for the deposit of banknotes and coins. Characteristics of this solution are the high capacity (the use of canvas bags allows a capacity up to 10.000 banknotes and 130 kg of coins with the coin trolley), the compactness and the high performances. The possibility to choose among different kinds of storage makes the solution more versatile, as it meets the most diverse needs both of the customers and of the CIT. It reduces the CIT deliveries and pick-ups.
It ensures a high anti-counterfeiting security thanks to sensor BV5000.